Lautex panel ceilings in shipbuilding

Lautex panel ceilings are closed ceiling structures with the airspace above the suspended ceiling totally encapsulated. Ventilation is arranged through air conditioning panels or by sufficient perforation of the flange of the panel. Ceilings in fire resistance class C are made of aluminium or steel. Panel ceilings in the more demanding classes B-0 and B-15 are always made of steel and filled with fire-resistant wool. Panel ceilings can be used in all parts of the ship, but are most commonly used in cabins, cabin corridors, storage rooms, offices and as part of the ceilings in public spaces.



Lautex profile ceilings in shipbuilding

Lautex Profile Ceilings are manufactured with air gaps for the adjustment of the amount of air passing through the suspended ceiling. The large variety of shapes of Lautex profiles and many alternative finishing methods provide a variety of different interiors. Profile ceilings are also easy to open. The most common uses include ceilings in public spaces such as stairways, promenades, restaurants and theatres.



Lautex cassette ceilings in shipbuilding

Lautex cassette ceilings are built from modular-sized cassettes. The most common cassette sizes are 600 x 600 mm and 300 x 300 mm. The high level of manufacturing technology developed by Lautex, offers the freedom to choose the size and shape of the cassettes on a case-by-case basis, and as required by each project.

The ceilings can be built as closed ceiling structures, or air gaps can be left between the cassettes for air conditioning purposes. The underside, or visible, surface of the cassettes may be either smooth or shaped. Cassette ceilings can be used in a wide variety of applications in public spaces, such as restaurants, shops and casinos.



Lautex grating ceilings in shipbuilding

All of the airspace above a Lautex suspended ceiling can be utilised and the installation of air conditioning is readily incorporated. The ceilings can be easily opened for access and service of the technical equipment installed above the suspended ceiling. Lautex customers can choose a wide variety of standard or custom sizes of modules and cells. Grating ceilings can be installed in public spaces, such as entrance halls, bars, restaurants and shops.

Lautex Fire Rated Ceilings in Shipbuilding

Lautex fire rated ceilings are closed ceiling structures with the airspace above the suspended ceiling totally encapsulated. Panel ceilings of classes B-0 and B-15 are always made of steel and insulated with fire-resistant wool.

Fire rated ceilings are used in applications were a specific fire resistance is required. For example, in cabins and working platforms.

Lautex fire rated ceilings fulfil IMO standards for fire safety. Products have type approval (EC MED / Lloyds Register of Shipping) and they fulfil standards both in Europe and internationally.


Edge Profiles and decorative profiles

LAUTEX has developed various specific edge and decorative profiles that can be used on the front surfaces and edges of ceilings. When needed, LAUTEX can also manufacture, case-by-case, thin sheet products according to customers’ wishes and the appearance needed for such use.


Suspension systems

Every LAUTEX product has been developed keeping in mind the fact that installation of the product must be easy and fast. The suspension systems used are based on the specific product. For example our cassettes are installed using either different profile systems or alternative carrier systems depending on the cassette type and the intended use. We also deliver special kinds of suspension carriers, which give the possibility of free air ventilation without any specific air conditioners.


Accessories for shipbuilding industry

We at LAUTEX consider our customers’ requirements a top priority and this is one reason LAUTEX manufactures different kinds of accessories to be used with the ceiling products. These kinds of products are for example, boxes for loudspeakers, illuminators, ventilators and service hatches (look at the product pages, page 2). When all the material needed in a specific ceiling installation is ordered from the same source, one can be sure that all the components are compatible, both technically and style wise. In this way it is possible to save time and trouble during the final installation.

Lautex Special Ceiling Examples

16434-07_portofino_doomi_kasetti.jpgLAUTEX also manufactures special tailor made ceilings and ceiling solutions according to specification of the customers, such as: Beams of different shapes, Light coves, Front plates, Big ceiling elements of different shapes, Domes / Illuminated ceilings, Acoustic Mineral Wool Ceilings, Special surface finishing...