Surface and Colours


LAUTEX provide a versatile product range in combination with a wide range of surface finishing.

This flexibility gives the designers possibilities to create multiform, colourful and impressive ceilings with Lautex products.

LAUTEX Digital Coating! Possibility of transferring all kind of digital images not just onto, but actually into the surface of various areas. Including ceilings, walls, floors etc. 


Lautex Acoustics Ceilings

NJRT-600 Cassette / Ø 2mm / 15% / L42BThe acoustic performance of Lautex suspended metal ceilings can be improved, where needed, by perforation and by adding sound absorbing material like acoustic felt or mineral wool into the reverse side of the product.

LAUTEX has invested considerable effort into the development of metal ceilings having the best acoustic characteristics. Extensive acoustic tests have been carried out on LAUTEX products using various perforations and sound absorbing materials. The tests have been conducted according to European standards at the laboratories of
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

Free "rain-fall" air conditioning in metal ceilings

A smooth and comfortable air flow supply is obtainable to a whole room, together with an aesthetically uniform and harmonic metal ceiling, without disturbing air conditioning units or diffusers, by using a “rain-fall” air flow through the entire ceiling. This can easily be achieved by using LAUTEX ceilings together with properly dimensioned air gaps or suitable perforation in the ceiling surface.

By using standard profile ceilings or gratings of LAUTEX, free rain-fall ventilation will be automatically obtained by means of the air gaps which are a natural part of the construction of these ceilings, without any need for special construction.

Hygienic metal ceilings of Lautex

Lautex has developed a special panel ceiling system, which is perfectly suitable for spaces that require extremely hygienic conditions. Such spaces are for example: hospitals, laboratories, institutional kitchens, food preparation areas or other special clinical environments.

By using the LAUTEX Siliprofil ceiling system a hermetic ceiling structure is obtainable. Siliprofil ceiling is easy cleanable, hygienic and durable. The panel seams contain soft silicon sealing, which is also used in the joint profiles of panels and in the edge profiles, and which guarantees the hygienic integrity of the ceiling.

Certificates in construction industry

LAUTEX has also specific product certificates for certain markets like Russia and Poland..



Several basic facts prove that metal suspended ceilings are environmentally friendly and lasting products. All our products are produced from non-toxic natural materials (aluminium and steel) in a very carefully controlled process, during which all wastage material is collected and delivered for recycling.

LAUTEX metal ceilings protect the environment not only by the use of the specified materials, but also because of the extremely long product life cycle. When ceilings made from other materials have to be renewed due to colourchanges etc. every five to ten years, Lautex metal ceilings do not exhibit any appearance changes for at least a generation.