The Lautex product

maalausrata.jpgPowder coating underwent modernization

Powder coating represents an important part of our production. Because we make fittings for interiors, the coating must be of very high quality. We realise about 400 miscellaneous shades and surface textures per year for our clients, all along from genuine wooden coatings. We work with all known paint systems and levels of brightness. Our top technology powder coating plant was put into service in the autumn of 2005.

We are able to work with large dimensions, units of up to 7 metres. Along with the modernization, we will also upgrade our wet coating plant, pre-treatment washing processes, flushings and the drying. Pre-treatments satisfy the tight European quality criteria.


Lautex production and machinery is designed to manufacture the most demanding thin sheet products. The co-operation between the CAM programming in the primary production and the CAD programming in the planning guarantees the best quality thin sheet blanks.

Our versatile machinery gives us the possibility to manufacture many different kinds of products. The metal band processing, sheet metal machining, rolling etc. thin sheet production, assembly and finishing, guarantee the perfect result to our customers. We work with raw material thickness between 0,4 mm- 3 mm, both with steel and aluminium products.