Meeting the Needs of the Market

Post-war Finland experienced a period of increased activity in the construction industry. At the onset of the 1950s, quality instead of mere quantity became an issue gaining in significance. The importance of fire safety was realised, and aesthetic values together with noise control were also sought after when selecting interior decoration materials.

In 1951 two brothers, Antero and KM Kallio, together with Paul Boström, established a company called Oy Varmuusrakenne Ab. The company policy was to meet the needs of the quality-conscious construction market by manufacturing acoustic gypsum board under a Swedish licence.

The manufacturing started in modest conditions near Helsinki, in the attic of a cowshed rented from a farmer. The structural qualities of the first product of the company, the Soundex gypsum board, were developed further, and the product was renamed Lautex after only a few years of production.

The demand was growing and the product range expanding, and the production plant moved to Herttoniemi, Helsinki in 1956. A new production plant was built in Nummela in 1964.

The Trademark of Suspended Metal Ceilings

During the 1950s, all of the significant Finnish architects became familiar with the high-quality Lautex products. They expressed the wish for suspended ceilings made of metal, allowing totally new aesthetic and functional qualities for suspended ceilings.

The development process was started, and suspended aluminium ceiling materials were launched in the late 1950s. Gypsum gradually became a thing of the past. Lautex started to became the benchmark of high-quality suspended metal ceilings.
For Ships and Exports

In 1964, Oy Varmuusrakenne Ab was purchased by Oy Aluma Ab, a subsidiary of Gränges Aluminium. With the resources and international background of a large company, the operations became international.

In the mid-1960s the export market opened up, first in the Soviet Union and later in Sweden and Norway.

Deliveries to Finnish shipyards started in the late 1960s. Exports to foreign shipyards commenced and concrete deliveries to them boomed some ten years later.

Exports and deliveries to the shipbuilding industry became an increasingly important sector in the company’s operations. The 1970s was a decade of strong growth for the company.

Nordic Countries as the Home Territory – Europe as the Export Market

Efficiency increased when the operations were focused in Nummela in 1980. More Lautex ceilings were manufactured and sold than ever before. In 1984, Oy Varmuusrakenne Ab was acquired by Christian Berner Invest Ab. The acquisition extended the Lautex home territory to cover the Nordic countries, and the company name was changed to Oy Lautex Ab in 1987.

Throughout its history, the company has been able to develop in favourable conditions. Oy Lautex Ab has become the market leader in suspended metal ceilings due to customer-friendliness, expertise and target-oriented R&D operations.

To further improve its operations, the company developed its quality system to meet the ISO 9001 standard.

Today, Oy Lautex Ab is an increasingly important player in the demanding European market.